Which Dental Guard Thickness Is Right For You?

Just as every custom-fit dental guard is unique as it is molded to match an individual's alignment and bite, every experience with bruxism is unique to that individual. As such, particularly when you're first starting treatment, knowing what's going to work for you isn't always crystal clear...

Dental guard and patientPersonal preference can play a huge part in your ongoing comfort and ability to maintain a healthy routine of wearing your dental guard on a regular basis. It is important, then, to consider both your own comfort as well as other factors when choosing the thickness of your guard. 

ClearClub offers three thicknesses for our guards: 1.3mm, 2mm and 3mm. Our 1.3mm guard is our most popular with customers, as it isn't bulky – some say it's almost unnoticeable! – and doesn't disrupt their sleep. However, if you prefer a thicker guard we can make yours at 2mm or 3mm at no additional cost.

So what might dictate the choice between a thinner or thicker guard to treat your bruxism? Here are some guidelines that might be helpful...

- The thinner the guard, the less obvious it is for very frequent wear. If you plan to use your dental guard all day as you work, exercise, commute and more, then the thinnest guard available might be your best bet. You'll find it easier to speak naturally and have the same level of protection while you are going about your daily business. Remember, all of ClearClub's guards are made of the same dental lab-quality hard acrylic, so regardless of the thickness they are designed to withstand the wear and tear of teeth grinding for some time. 

Woman holding a dental guard; royalty free image- A thicker guard may provide the feeling of better protection at night. If you have used some form of guard before and are aware of what thickness suits you, as well, then a thicker guard might work best for you. As is part of the danger of untreated bruxism, you really don't know just how much or how hard you are grinding while you are asleep so a thicker guard, if you feel comfortable wearing it, may be something you'd prefer.

- Most importantly, however, be mindful of other conditions or habits. Do you also suffer from other nighttime conditions, such as sleep apnea? Or do you already experience restlessness at night that you are trying to get under control? In these cases, it's important to ensure that even if it feels like more protection, that a thicker guard isn't actually disrupting your sleep and making the condition worse. In many cases, a thinner guard will provide a more natural fit that encourages steady sleep patterns but of course, an individual's experience may be different.

- It's not always a case of getting more for what you pay for. A thicker guard doesn't mean you're getting more protection necessarily, though it might feel as such. So long as you're able to sleep comfortably, it definitely might work for you, but as we've noted all ClearClub guards are designed to last. And just in case you might want to replace your guards somewhat frequently, we've got an option that is just right for you...

- Replacing your guards for hygienic reasons is a great practice, even if your guard is holding up to the grind. It is recommended that you replace your toothbrush every few months to avoid bacteria and plaque build-up, so doing the same for your dental guard is just good hygiene. ClearClub offers the option to sign up for our subscription and receive a new guard every three, four or six months, starting as low as $35. By the way if you do choose a thicker guard and decide that the fit isn't right for you, we can replace it – just contact our support team!

ClearClub's custom-fit, low-cost night guards will help protect your teeth from grinding and clenching, and start as low as $80-$95 for your first guard. Plus, they are shipped directly to your door! Your teeth will thank you.

Have questions? Our customer support team can help, or you can check out our FAQ for more information.