Baby-Stepping Back To The Holidays by Karen Salkin

After having to mostly be away from family and friends for the Fall and Winter holidays in 2020, I'm sure we're all thrilled to finally be able to celebrate with loved ones once again this year. But we all have to remember to not get crazy with it yet—we have to be careful for a little while longer.

So to make everything easier for us, I suggest we “baby-step” back into the holidays this season.

For example, Mr. X and I usually host a Thanksgiving Eve Bash, having a few of our besties over for a very casual game night and pasta dinner before the bigger festivities of the following day. But that soiree was not to be last year. If we revive that tradition this one, it will be an all-outdoors event with fewer friends. And that will still be perfect.

Last year, because it was just Mr. X and me in our household, with no possibility of visitors, we had no Christmas tree nor Channukah bush. Actually, there was nary a decoration in sight.  That's because we didn't even want to spend any extra time in a store or at a tree lot, even masked-up.

If that was your situation, as well, as it seemed to be for most of us, here's how to baby-step into decorating now:

You can start with a Charlie Brown tree, either real or an official novelty one, to not go big this year. And then put just tiny lights on the tree.  Maybe add a petite display to the area, with a few holiday cards. 

And speaking of the cards, start sending them again yourself this year, either tangible ones by snail mail or e-cards, such as the beautiful ones I plan to get back to sending-out this year, beginning with Thanksgiving.

Then gradually add some lively holiday music back into the mix. Yes, we did not have to go out for that activity last year, but many of us were just too downbeat to be belting out tunes like Jingle Bell Rock in the middle of a pandemic!

And perhaps baby-step to the store to do your holiday food shopping, even if you don't know if you'll be cooking any holiday meals yet. At least it will be somewhat comforting to know you've taken that step, just in case.

And then, even if you decide to spend any part of the upcoming holidays alone, or, once again with only the people who live in your household, you can always just be cozy and watch holiday-themed movies all day and night. Even if you did that activity from November until New Year's Eve 2020, I promise you'll not get through every one of the films and specials that television offers these days.

Just allow yourself the time you need to get used to real life again. And baby-stepping back to the holidays is the way to go!

Of course, being out in the world again for the holidays brings even more stress than in past years. And, as we all know by now, stress can lead to grinding one's teeth at night. (Or, if you're like me, gritting them when cooking a meal or having to deal with your families!) So the perfect solution, (or holiday gift--hint, hint,) is to use your ClearClub night guard, day or night. Or, during the holidays, both!

No matter how you do your own holidays this year, just remember to baby-step back into them, to have some fun, and that ClearClub is always here to help your dental health get through it! 


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