Christmas Eve

By Karen Salkin

Even though we've just finally arrived at Christmas Eve, if your mind is always working, as mine is, this is also the time to think ahead to New Year's Eve and New Year’s Day. After all, those two holidays are just a week away!

In January, I’ll have some tips for you to have a successful year, in general. But meanwhile, here's an idea for your New Year's festivities. I'm telling you about it now because it will most likely take a tad of planning. Not much, but hard to do on the fly.

My friend Heidi hosted this fun stay-at-home event last New Year’s Day, but it would be just as entertaining for those of you who have a group of friends who don't like to go out on New Year's Eve.

First, here's the background of how the idea came about. Heidi has always thrown the absolute best New Year’s Day parties. Hence last year, when gatherings were not possible, she didn’t want to disappoint her usual guests. So, instead, she had a wonderful Zoom fete, as many people have over the past year and a half. 

However, this one had a fun twist.  Not only did we all get to stay in our slept-in pajamas, (we always wear PJs to her soirees, but this time we got to just roll out of bed and not take a shower, don better nightwear, and do hair and make-up,) but she made a really fun game for us. (The pajamas thing would work just as well on New Year's Eve, because you all get to get cozy early in the evening, and stay that way year!*) *(That's always my dumb joke for New Year's Eve—I tell people that I won't be talking to them “until next year,” which is just the next day. I never claimed to not be goony!)

The game Heidi helmed was a treasure each of our own abodes! We had to find simple things, like a clock, a pencil, a scarf, etc. (Which means...we all had to wear pajama bottoms! That might be a first on a Zoom call!) But to make it even more fun, (and more of a challenge,) the clues were in rhyme form.  So not only did we have to see if we had the items on hand, (like the home version of Let's Make A Deal,) but we had to first figure-out the clues!

Neither Heidi nor I still had the clues on hand to share with you, but they went something like this: “This healthful beauty comes in green or red, you'll find it in your refrigerator and not in your bed.” And the answer is: Apple! Get it? Or this year, a clue can be: “This prevents the damage of stress to your gums, anyone who doesn't wear one at night is really dumb!” And that answer is: A ClearClub night guard!!!

Of course, I won the 2021 treasure hunt. (Did you ever doubt it? My house is like a permanent swap meet over here!)  And the prize was…money. Venmo-ed to me!  Yay!  (But don't get excited for me—it was only about a fin. Which is still better than nothing.)

You know what's an even better gift, that you can even give to yourself? Our ClearClub night guards! The gift of health is always the best one.

I hope all you celebrants will be rocking our red or green guard tonight and tomorrow. It will add another little festive touch to the holiday. And protect your teeth and gums from the stress of all these end-year holidays!

Now, to everyone who loves Christmas as much as I do, I wish you a very merry, happy, healthy, and safe one this year. I hope you all get your hearts' desires.


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