ClearClub Introduces: Oro and Sterling! By Karen Salkin


I have some great news for you fashionistas out there--ClearClub is introducing two new sparkling colors, just in time for you to shine for the holidays! And they have appropriate-but-special monikers, to boot.

Just like jewelry, they come in a choice of gold or silver tones. I'm always a silver girl myself, but most of my friends prefer gold. Here's all you'll need to decide:

Oro, of course, is our gold-tone shade.  Gold makes everything look richer, and according to fashion experts, that tone has gained in popularity recently.

And Sterling is our silver one. One of my attractive friends loves that beautiful tone so much that she named her son Sterling! She felt that fancy moniker will make him stand-out in life, as we at ClearClub think your silvery night guard will do for you!


Whatever your own personal story for your choice of gold and silver, (or both!,) our night guards in those colors will be sure to please.

And part of the fun of this duo is that they sort-of evoke those expensive grills that are so popular with celebs, from Katy Perry to Madonna to Kanye West and even some of the Kardashians. So you can actually wear them when you go out; just get ready for some kudos!

If you live with someone, (roommate, boyfriend, wife, siblings,) who is also smart enough to protect their dental health with one of our night guards, you can each take one of the shades to make sure there's never a mix-up.

And here's a heads-up for more holiday colors! I can't wait to tell you all about them in the coming weeks. If you're anywhere near as fashion-conscious as I am, or are just majorly into looking very holiday-color-coordinated, I can guarantee you're going to love them all!


In the meantime, it's easy to get the new shades.  If you're already on our renewal plan, (meaning you receive a new night guard every few months for one very affordable price,) just let us know that you’d like your next replacement to be in Oro or Sterling, and that's all you have to do to sparkle.

For those of you who are just learning about Clear Club, our custom-fit night guards help protect your teeth from grinding and clenching. And they're all custom-made from impressions you take yourselves in the kit we send you, with no involvement from a dentist necessary.

So get in on the fun, and health advantages, and order yours now.

Try ClearClub's subscription today, your teeth will thank you!

Have questions? Our customer support team can help, or you can check out our FAQ for more information.