Finding Joy In Little Things by Karen Salkin

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Despite many of our best efforts, the world is still a crazy place, even at this late date. We can all do certain things in the health category to mitigate our almost-daily stress, (like wearing our ClearClub night guards for when we're clenching and grinding our teeth, which can lead to all kinds of issues, such as frequent headaches,) but we also need to step-up our “joy” game.

 So to help myself keep sane in these trying times, I've made a conscious decision to find joy in the little things, and concentrate on those. Here are some of mine; I’m hoping they will encourage you all to do the same.

Recently, I've found joy in:

~ Needing breakfast dishes in the morning, and seeing that the cupboard is bare, and then remembering that I did a dishwasher load in the middle of the night, so clean dishes are all ready for me!

~ That in the past couple of years, Mr. X and I have discovered that I’m a great cook! Who knew???

~ Watching a couple of old movies in a row, and not feeling guilty about it, like I have to get up and do anything else right then.

A closeup of a sunflower. A sunset in the background.

~ Happening upon a never-before-opened make-up item, such as mascara or lipstick, in my possession! (Although I have no idea when I’m ever going to get to wear the lip products again! But at least I’ll be all ready when I do.) 

~ Discovering all kinds of really old TV shows, like the original Perry Mason, which are somehow incredibly calming. 

~ Wearing the new slipper-socks that someone sent me recently—they are the coziest footwear ever, and I get a bit of joy every time I put them on!

~ Finding unremembered pictures of happy times long ago.

~ Opening a hidden-away box and seeing my set of beloved mint green plates which I was just wondering what happened to! 

A woman with curly hair is smiling in front of a blue background wearing a hoodie.

~ Seeing the creamy blue background color that I just put on my computer desktop, which instantly brightens my day. 

~ And, of course, popping-in my ClearClub night guard, knowing that I'm doing something good for my health. It does seem like a little thing when I'm doing it, but knowing that I'm taking care of my teeth and gums is actually a big joy!

I hope my list inspires you all to conjure-up your own little joys.  And that you'll be rocking your mouth guard while you do, in case your thought process has you also weeding out the stressful images.



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