Friday the 13th by Karen Salkin

I know that many of us fear Friday the 13th, but you can turn this one into an actual lucky day for yourself! That's by ordering one of ClearClub's custom-fitted dental guard kits during it! Get yours here

If you're a bit superstitious, as I am, perhaps you won’t be doing anything today other than sitting on the couch watching TV, or lying in bed reading, waiting for the twenty-four hours to wash over you. But dreading the day, and lying low worrying about it, can lead to lots of stress. This day is fraught with tension for many.

So I suggest that if you're already a proud owner of ClearClub mouth guards, you pop them in for the entire day. If you don't, and you spend this day grinding your teeth with worry while you wait for it to be over, all that tension can lead to headaches, gum issues, or cracked teeth.

And that would make Friday the 13th live up to its billing! None of us wants that. So please remember to use your guards, day and night today. 

If you're one of the many who hangs back from your normal activities today but don't know how to entertain yourself, I have an idea of how to avoid being bored while you're hiding out from the world—why don't you catch up on all my blog posts here? It's the perfect time for doing that! New ones are posted every Friday, and they go back until the beginning of November. I hope they'll take your mind off worrying about the significance of today.

Reading all my fun and informative articles while rocking your ClearClub night guard is what I call a fun way to get through any day, not just Friday the 13th. I know that's what I'll be doing today!

Try ClearClub's subscription today, your teeth will thank you!
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