Happy Easter and Passover! By Karen Salkin

Easter and Passover are the two big Spring holidays, so naturally, they usually occur around the same time. But this year, their dates are more special, once again. This is the fourth time in the past five years that they're on the same week-end!

Passover begins tonight, and Easter is on Sunday. That's really fun for people like me, who celebrate both. The first time it happened like that in my life was when I first moved out to Los Angeles on my own, as a teenager.  I had been in town for only about eight months, but already had made enough good friends that I was included in both seders at one's divorced parents’ separate homes, and had one of the best Easters ever at another’s.  Those three days and nights were magical; everyone was so good to me, which I still appreciate after all these years.  

I have no tips on how to do Passover other than in the traditional way, (with

homemade chicken soup, of course,) but if you're looking for fun ways to celebrate Easter this Sunday, I'm your girl for those ideas, based on fetes I've thrown or attended in the past. 

And if you're stressing during the preparations, please make sure to wear your ClearClub dental guards while you're setting it all up. In the appropriate holiday colors, of course! I suggest Bubble Gum, Big Blue, or Hot Pink. That will add some fun to it all, even if you're the only one who will see them!

Here are some fun ways to celebrate Easter now: 

Throw a party for the kids: I did that once for my brother when we were little, (yes, I always looked for ways to entertain him, even as a child myself!,) and the main

game I came up with was Pin the Fluffy Tale on the Bunny. I made a big bunny poster myself, and used cotton balls attached to thumb tacks for the tails. (So clever, right?) All my food was Easter-and-Spring-themed, and of course, I had a chocolate Easter egg hunt! The funny thing is that his best friend then was this little ladies man, (at the age of eight!,) who’s now a Rabbi! So, he’s always a fun symbol of both these Spring holidays for me.

Have an Afternoon Tea: One year, even felled by a really bad back issue, I threw an Afternoon Tea for my lady friends. I served tea sandwiches, of course, and some of the desserts were Jello Easter Eggs, banana pudding in a bunny mold, and some nice angel food cake with fresh strawberries sauce. We started with

sherry, and for the tea, we made a few flowering ones in little clear teapots. Needless to say, a lovely time was had by all.

Color Easter eggs: Once, when my parents were visiting from New York, we had a get-together to color Easter eggs. I had not realized my friends and family were so creative prior to that event. To not distract us with a major spread, I served a giant sub sandwich with a big salad and several kinds of chips, and lots of fun made-the-night-before desserts. My parents had never done Easter before, so they were enthralled all day.

Do a casual gathering: One year, a family of friends with a pool had an impromptu gathering of several generations. We swam and then feasted on very popular pizza, which the father was proud to provide.

Put together an all-day luncheon: In recent years, Mr. X and I attend an Easter

luncheon at a friend's house overlooking the beach. We each bring a dish, and then after lunch, we do an extensive Easter Egg Hunt, which the hostess is kind enough to set-up for us. Inside each plastic egg is a number that corresponds to a gift. (If you're the host, it's inexpensive enough to get little doo-dads and trinkets from discount stores. In this case, it's really not the gift itself that counts, but we all do usually love them.) And then we play a fun game with dice, and none of us really wants to leave! We're entertained from mid-morning until dusk!

Go on a picnic: If your abode is not right for a soiree, how about just going on a picnic? It's always fun to be out and about on Easter. And if you're in a location with strangers doing the same, it's interesting to witness the “Easter parade,” meaning what others are wearing, eating, playing for the occasion.

Of course, since all of these fetes, for both holidays, include not only fun food and sweet treats, but a certain amount of stress, our teeth can certainly suffer from all the setting-up and celebrating. So just remember to brush your teeth and then pop in your ClearClub dental guards as soon as your guests leave or you've gotten home. They'll not only protect your teeth, but help you get some good sleep, perhaps even with visions of matzah balls or chocolate bunnies dancing in your head!


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