Happy Mother's Day by Karen Salkin

Mother's Day always seems to be fraught with having to figure-out what to get Mom for her special day. So I'm here to help.

Why not show her you care about her and her health by giving her one of ClearClub's custom-fit dental guards? They're the perfect gift! Actually, not just for mom but for everyone on your all-year list!

You just order it on-line and we send the kit right to her.  (You can do it today, and then give her a card showing it's on the way.) The kit contains everything she needs to make the impression, and then she just sends it back to us, (there's no

charge for the shipping, of course,) and we'll have it back to her very soon.  Then She can get started on saving herself from all the problems associated with grinding one's teeth, including headaches, jaw pain, poor sleep, and cracked teeth. It's a truly loving gift.

And you/she get to choose which color she'll love the guards in.  There are clear ones for no-fuss moms, and bright colors for fun ones. (Or for forgetful matriarchs—she'll always be able to find the hot pink ones!) There are even multi-colored dental guards for adventurous mothers.

In addition to that great gift idea, I just want to add one other little Mother’s Day message for all the children reading this. And that is:

Please cherish your moms. And always step up to the plate. But if you just can’t find it in your heart to do so all the time, please make your mother feel special on this one day.  I’m sure that even the moms who say they don’t want a fuss would feel awful if you didn’t make at least a little to-do over them.  

So now you know what to do to make it a special day for her. And you should maybe get started on a gift for Dad, too, right now!  You just know that they'd love to have matching ClearClub dental guards!!!

And from all of us at ClearClub, we wish all the moms, stepmoms, aunties, grandmas, and godmothers out there a super Happy Mother’s Day!

Try ClearClub's subscription today, your teeth will thank you!
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