Checking On Our Health

By Karen Salkin

I hope that your've all had a wonderful first week of 2022. Now let's all get the new year off to a great start by checking on our health, right off the bat. This is the time to schedule all of our doctor and dentist check-ups. All too often many of us procrastinate in this area, (I'm raising my own hand,) and then panic when it gets later in the year. So I suggest we all do it right now.

Or at least try to get all those medical visits in this month, and then, hopefully, we can relax in that department for the rest of the year. Everyone seems to get a bit lax in January, and then they scramble for medical appointments down the road, when all the docs and dentists get uber-busy with the rest of the procrastinators. That is absolutely not the way to deal with the situation; it can all lead to stress which in turn can lead to headaches, some of which are due to grinding our teeth at night, when our anxieties make us do it automatically. 

To help you avoid all that drama, (or at least some of it,) some of my upcoming posts will offer a few tips on how to deal with some various health issues that we all face throughout the year. 

Of course, the most practical and immediate way you can help yourself stay healthy is by wearing your ClearClub night guard. We all hold on to loads of tension, especially when something new begins, (such as 2022!,) and our night guards protect our teeth and gums from the effects of bruxism. (Did you notice that I'm now in with the high-class dental lingo? Loving it!)

So I'm listening to my own advice right now, and getting the year started-off right by sending in my easy-to-do ClearClub impression that I took myself from the mailed-to-me kit. And then there'll be no more teeth grinding for moi!

Now let's all get working on our health. À votre santé!



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