How I Found ClearClub by Karen Salkin

Hi everyone. Nice to e-meet you all!

I'm so happy to be writing a blog post every Friday for you. I'll be sharing my insights on health, happiness, and our fabulous night guards, of course! And so much more.

On the other days of the week, I helm my on-line magazine, ItsNotAboutMe.TV, where I review just about anything you can think of. My full bio is on that site, but just to give you a tiny insight into who I am, I grew-up in Brooklyn, New York, went to four colleges, and settled in Los Angeles, a city I absolutely adore. (On most days.) I live here now with my mysterious boyfriend, Mr. X, and have a crazy busy life, even though on most days I'd love to just stay home and watch TV!

I've been a model, actress, restaurant critic, talk show guest, and journalist, but most people refer to me as simply a “Media Personality,” which I agree pretty much encapsulates my career.

Of course, this hectic life gives me a lot of stress, both good and bad, so I was thrilled to discover ClearClub night guards. This first blog post will tell you all about that situation, and I have lots of interesting articles planned for every Friday from here on out. I hope you'll join me on this fun and informative journey.

I'm sure many of you went through this same issue that I did during the isolation and fear of the main months of the pandemic--for the first time in my life, I had not gone to a dentist for that long period of time. (I had not gone anywhere, actually, but for now, let's concentrate on my mouth, shall we?)

As a result, my teeth and gums definitely suffered. I had paid close attention to my dental hygiene the entire time, but I guess the stress got to me, big-time.

Add to that the tension of all the worldwide problems, which made me grind my teeth even more than I already did, and trust me, my mouth situation was far from great.

So now, finally able to go out into the world again, I recently paid a visit, (or two, but who's counting,) to my trusty dentist to get started on bringing my teeth and gums back up to speed.

But there's just so much one human can do. So after the full examination, my dentist told me I should really be wearing a night guard for several reasons. I grind my teeth at night and grit them often during the day, and all that can lead to cracked teeth and receding gums, not to mention headaches, as well. I had used a guard many moons ago, but was not up on the topic anymore. And when I found-out how expensive ones from a dentist are, I panicked.

So I consulted a few pals, and a trusted one recommended ClearClub for a wonderful and affordable product. I checked-out their website, (which I assume is where you're reading this now,) and the second I saw that you can get their helpful night guards in different colors, I knew I had come to the right place! They not only stop you from grinding your teeth, but they look fabulous and festive along the way! (I'll tell more about all the cool colors in the weeks to come.)

Perhaps even better than the looks of the guard is the convenience—you take the impression of your teeth from the comfort of your own home, and send it back to ClearClub to make your custom night guard for you. And that's it! There are no trips to the dentist, which is an incredible time-saver.

Suffice it to say that I'm now a proud member of ClearClub! And my boyfriend, (known from here on out as “Mr. X,”) is happy that he doesn't have to listen my stress-grinding anymore. So it's a win-win.

Of course, as you'll come to learn from all my upcoming blog posts, I can't leave you without one little personal story. After I had ordered my custom impression kit from ClearClub, a funny thing happened. I was watching a new sitcom the other night, and adorable Danica McKeller, (“Winnie” from the original Wonder Years, for you young 'uns,) was a guest on that episode. She had done something another character considered to be wrong, so the other girl asked her, “How do you sleep at night?,” meaning conscience-wise. And without skipping a beat, Danica's character replied, “On my side, with a night guard.” I started cheering because, with my new ClearClub night guard, I'm now in with the in crowd!!! Whoo-whoo!

Try ClearClub's subscription today, your teeth will thank you!

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