How To Do April Fool's Day by Karen Salkin



April Fool’s Day is actually my favorite day of the year, and I’m always amazed that so many people either don’t pull pranks at all or do them the wrong way. So I'm here to explain how to do April Fool's jokes correctly.

But first, realize that either way, there's stress involved. So you may want to be rocking your ClearClub dental guards all day, whether you'll be pulling the pranks yourself or are worried that others will be out to get you today. They'll absorb all that grinding and clenching that you're sure to be experiencing. 

When I had more time in my life, I spent about twenty of the twenty-four hours on April 1st “getting” everyone. Even when my pals are prepared for my call, they still fall for my jokes; that's why I'm the preeminent April's Fool fooler!

I’m horrified when people do April Fool’s jokes in a—dare I say “foolish?”--or painful, way. Those gags are not good for anyone, neither joker nor recipient. (See my rule #3.)

So, here’s how to pull off a successful and amusing April Fool’s prank:

1) The first rule, and the most important one, is that under no circumstances scare people too much, like with something about death or awful health. Those topics are absolutely unacceptable.

2) But you do have to make it something very lightly bad, (but not so bad, as with the verboten topics above,) so the recipient will be relieved when you take it away. (Examples in a minute.)

3) You absolutely cannot tell them something great, like that they got a job, (or even that you got a job that they'd be happy for you about,) or that somebody likes them, etc., and then take the good thing away. That would just be a bummer all the way around. (And sadly, that’s how most people do it.  It's soooo wrong.)

4) The more based in truth the joke is, the more believable it will be. (Like telling someone who’s counting on you being someplace, as when I visit pals in New York, that you won’t be able to make it, after they’ve planned a big party for you.)

5) And, very importantly, it has to be quick. You can’t prolong the pain, or it will lose its goal of making everyone laugh. It will just make you look like a jerk.

Here’s a perfect example of how not to do it: Saying you're finally dating your big crush, so the recipient is happy for you.  When you then say, “April Fool's,” both of you are just sad, maybe even crushed, and no fun was accomplished. That's just downright deficient.

Now here’s an example of how it should be played: A few years ago, as I was leaving the house in the morning, I told Mr. X that a new intern was coming over earlier than expected, and he had to entertain her until I got back. That was a situation he more than didn’t want to happen, so when I gleefully declared, “April Fool’s!,” he was really relieved and could join me in my mirth. See? That’s a win-win.

The more based in truth the joke is, like in the above case, (where I made it about a real person who he knew would be coming over sometime soon, when I would be home, but he wouldn’t,) the more believable it will be.

So, there you have it–the April Fool's secrets from the supreme jokester.  (Just don’t try to use them on me!)

But I'm not fooling when I tell you to look out for your oral health by wearing your ClearClub mouth guards, today and every day! They'll be especially helpful when you're stressed that someone might scare you with a prank today! The last thing you need is to crack a tooth over a joke.

Now go get your pals--just do it the right way!

Happy April Fool's Day to you all. And that's no joke!


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