How To Use Your FSA

By Karen Salkin

In recent years, I more often than not work for myself. That means that I don't have an outside employer, per se. But I have some good news for those of you who do, (which I'd venture a guess is most of you.)

I actually just became aware of FSAs—Flexible Spending Accounts, which are set up by your employer so that you can contribute some of your pre-tax dollars to health care expenses. (The maximum this year is $2,750.) What a fabulous perk of working for someone else!

So for those of you who have that account, make sure to use it now! You have only three more weeks before that benefit runs out, so I encourage you to get it done ASAP.

I can't tell you every way to use those funds in this short space, but the topic is worth researching further. Most uses are more official ones, for which you will need a prescription, but there are many other interesting easy-to-use healthcare categories that are under this umbrella.

Most importantly for all you stress-teeth-clenchers, our ClearClub night guards fit this bill! How wonderful! The funds may also pay for many other dental devices and procedures, so you'd be wise to use them in this area. But since our night guards are so affordable, you'll still have plenty of FSA money left over to use in other health fields. And there are over a dozen fun ones to choose from. 

Perhaps surprisingly, you can use the money on skin care, ancestry kits, PPE and other helpers to keep you safe from Covid. Also contraceptives, treatments for addiction, and new eyeglasses, which is such a bonus to people like me who keep breaking ours, (or losing them,) every time we turn around. And let's not forget about mental wellness services, which might come in handy for many of us at the end of yet another trying year.

You can even use your FSA to buy preparations for a trip, such as motion sickness pills, sunscreen, and neck pillows for the plane. And also for weight-loss programs! (Note to myself to get an employer for that perk next year! Now I know what my New Year's resolution will be). 

Most importantly to night-worriers such as myself is that you can purchase items to help you sleep! That's right—sleep masks, OTC sleeping aids, and even bed warmers are covered. So, along with your ClearClub night guards, you'll be all set to wake up to a brighter tomorrow. And, if you use all your FSA funds by December 31, you'll be ringing in a more sparkling 2022!


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