It's My Birthday!

By Karen Salkin

How lucky am I to have my birthday fall on my blog post day? So I get to celebrate myself along with my ClearClub night guard! Yay.

As much as I love my bday, it always seems to be accompanied by a lot of stress. (I'm sure I'm not the only one who experiences that.) First of all, I drive myself crazy over whether or not to have a party. If that answer is yes, then I ruminate over just whom to invite, where to throw it, what the theme should be, what to serve, what to do about music, etc. You know the drill. It's crazy! 

And, no matter which way I go on a soirée, I start thinking that everyone will forget about me! I worry about that for several weeks before. (I know I sound a tad nutty, but I have a feeling that many of you can totally relate.)

But this year, I have one fewer concern because...I already got what I want—no more teeth-grinding/tension headaches, courtesy of ClearClub! Their night guards stop the nightly gnashing, thus helping everything!

I have to tell you one crazy thing I do on my bday every year, which actually refers back to the picture of my best friend Froggy and me, that you may have seen in a previous post. I was born on January 14th at 5:03 AM New York time, which is 2:03AM Los Angeles time. So every year at that exact inconvenient, middle-of-the-night time, I take a picture of myself turning my new age. 

I either stay-up all night waiting for it to be 2AM, or set the alarm to get me up at that point.  And then I use a flash on my phone in bed, without turning any lights on, to not wake Mr. X, and it's so bright that I either close my eyes or squint, and I never look good in any of those pix! So I often add Froggy into them, just so I have someone else to look at rather than just myself looking a year older when I look back on them. [Note: Of course, back in the day, when selfies were not a thing yet, I woke Mr. X, or my previous boyfriend, to take the pic.]

And I'm glad to say I just did it again a few hours ago! I'm so glad I never change.

So may I now be the first to wish myself a very Happy Birthday! And one to my fellow Capricorns, (especially you ClearClub subscribers) as well!


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