Let's Celebrate Dry January (And Our Health) By Cutting Out The Happy Drinking Memes by Karen Salkin

I recently read an account of a young woman losing some teeth because of her drinking, and I immediately thought of how her mouth most likely would have been saved if she had used our ClearClub night guards to deal with her stress instead of turning to booze.

Since January is considered to be a “dry month,” (meaning many people stop drinking alcohol after the excesses of the holidays, and start the new year on a sober and healthy note,) I figure this is a good time to discuss all the supposedly-clever-but-really-not drinking memes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that getting drunk is never a laughing matter. We at ClearClub obviously care about your overall health, which our wonderful night guards are always here to help with, so we always want our subscribers to be able to feel their best in every way. I applaud everyone who is taking this month to work on all that.

So to that end, I've been pondering this: Why do so many people, especially

celebrities, think that it’s cool to constantly mention that they need/want/took a drink all the time? I don’t get it. They should all be doing the opposite, since, especially in the case of the celebs, so many youngsters want to emulate them!

Of course, it's normal to imbibe every now and then; I’m just suggesting that everyone stop constantly announcing it with memes! People seem to think it’s amusing to say they need a drink all the time. I see at least three or four internet images of people lauding drinking, with sayings like, “It’s wine o’clock somewhere,” and “Vodka is getting me through this,” on a daily basis. To me, especially in Dry January, those memes are just not cool. I feel the glorification of booze never is.

So please—stop thinking it’s funny to advertise your “need” for alcohol all the time! It’s not cute, clever, or amusing. And you might just be hurting someone down the line. Everything in life has a ripple effect, and this is one pebble you do not want to cast.

Instead, how about being an advocate for taking care of your health, in every way possible? And I once again remind you that using our ClearClub mouth guards--day, night, or both—will go a long way to help with all that. 

Now I just have to go think of some “night guard memes” to replace the drinking ones! Maybe the theme could be something like, “Booze hurts your dental health, while night guards totally help!” Okay, I know that needs a lot of work. But I have the rest of this teetotaling month to work it all out. Rocking my night guard while I brainstorm the topic, of course.

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