Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Since we at ClearClub care about not just your dental health, but your overall health, let me tell you that two days from now, May 1, Skin Cancer Awareness Month begins. So let's all honor it by scheduling our annual skin checks right away.

Doing that is so important! And it's one of the easiest medical things you can do for yourself.  You just go to the dermatologist, and he or she looks over all your skin. (With your underwear on, of course. So rock the good stuff that day!) If there’s something you’re worried about, just point it out, because you know your own body better than anyone else! (Make sure they even check your scalp!)

Skin cancer can happen to anybody at any time. I haven’t been in the sun for over a decade, and yet, even I had two skin cancers in recent years. And on my face, to boot! (I sure wish I had known about ClearClubs custom-fitted mouthguards back then, to help with all the tension I experienced because of it!)

But I’m one of the lucky ones because I caught them both in time, one with the help of my dermatologist, and the other because my facialist spotted it! The very first time I went to him. When it was only the size of a pinhead! 

And that’s what I’m saying, people! You have to look-out for your health, on all

levels. I often notice suspicious spots here and there on my pals, especially former (and, unfortunately, current,) sun-worshippers.  But whenever I’ve been a good friend by pointing-out the spots to them, they get offended. Why, I can’t understand, but some people like to stick their heads in the sand. If someone tells me something, especially about health, I try to heed their advice.  But many of us want our friends to let us know if we have spinach in our teeth, so why not be grateful when they suggest that you might have a potentially life-threatening spot on your face? I don’t get it.

And let me further admonish—you must wear sunscreen every day!!! It’s so easy to do. Yes, it does take an extra minute out of your day, but it’s to prevent skin cancer taking every future minute out of your life! That’s a no-brainer, in my book. I do know that some of the sunscreens on offer are pretty thick. Or too white. So just experiment (with samples, of course,) until you find one you can live with. Emphasis on live (because it just may be keeping you alive!)

Doctors and facialists recommend wearing sunscreen even indoors; the sun comes through windows and even door cracks. You can never be too safe.  The absolute most important thing you can do in the skin cancer arena is prevention. And take it from a two-time survivor—you want to prevent it at all costs!

So, this coming month and always, have your skin cancer check-up; if you get a new spot, or one darkens, enlarges, or gets raised, it’s time to see a dermatologist. You really never know which tiny spot is dangerous. Don’t think you can wait, or that the doctor will think you’re being overcautious if it turns-out to be nothing. If that’s the case, the doc will celebrate right along with you. And remember--some facialists are able to spot trouble, as mine did. Listen to those people!

You should always be aware of what’s happening with your skin.  And your entire body. And mind! 

And dental health! That's why if you don't already use our ClearClub mouth guards, you should start right now. They offset the teeth grinding and clenching from all these day-to-day tensions. And the last thing you want is to develop jaw pain or teeth-shifting from worrying about other aspects of your health.

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