Spring Cleaning Time by Karen Salkin

Living in a city that doesn't have well-defined seasons, I never really got into doing any spring cleaning. But when I was recently complaining to a pal that I should have used all my time in the house for these past two years to clean it, she quipped, “So how about doing a bit of spring cleaning now?”

So that's what I'm about to do! And maybe my doing it will give you the impetus to do it, as well!

The easiest way is to just tackle one task a day, and you'll be all set by the time summer roles around. (Spring began a few weeks ago, so get started already! You have until the Summer Solstice on June 21st!)

So here are some Spring Cleaning tips I've started to follow, culled from both the

internet and actual people who use them. I hope they help you, too:

~ Before you begin, pop in your custom-fitted ClearClub dental guards because, while doing your chores, you're sure to be doing some teeth-clenching over something, right? That way you'll be protecting your teeth against any unforeseen circumstances that come up along the way!

~ Tell yourself that you're going to do just a short time each day, like ten-to-thirty minutes. That way your mind won't be tortured about it beforehand. 

~ Maybe crank up some music with a good beat to get you going.

~ Begin by cleaning windows with a solution of water and white vinegar; the new clean light coming from them will help you see everything—both the good and what needs to be cleaned next—more clearly. 

~ Open those windows while you work. You'll not only be getting rid of any fumes from cleaning products, but you'll be bringing the fresh Spring air in, which helps on every level!

~ My favorite thing to do is recycle. It's so satisfying because I'm ridding my space of unwanted materials while also cleaning-up the planet! It's a true win-win. And you'll

be surprised how much space it clears-out in the long run. (Just first check the internet for the rules in your area. One of my pals once thought the sanitation workers go through her garbage bags to take out the items that should be re-cycled!!! OMG!)

~ If you're dusting anything high up, like ceiling fans, fixtures, curtains, blinds, or the ceiling itself, make sure to do that before you do anything down low, like floors or vacuuming.

~ Don't vacuum until you've tended to your carpets or rugs to get rid of odors (that you may not even be aware of!)  Sprinkle baking soda on them, leave it there for ten to twenty minutes, and then just vacuum it up.  Voila—that can count as your entire spring cleaning for one day!

~ I detest going through my clothing closets! But when I do, (about twice a year,) I always find so many fun items I had forgotten about. I really can't do any of it the Marie Kondo way, (the de-clutter expert says to chuck every item that doesn't bring you joy,) because I love just about every item of wardrobe I've ever acquired! (My parents were once visiting and my father opened my main closets and let out a bewildered, “What is this? Costumes???”) But when I know in my heart that I'll never wear it again, and someone else could really benefit from it, it's much easier to donate to a worthy charity. And as big as my body has grown in recent years, my heart does, as well, when I give to others in need. (Ahh—I know it sounds sort-of sappy, but it's true. So your soul can benefit from Spring Cleaning, as much as everything else about your health does.)

These are just a few tips to help you get started; you'll discover many more on your own once you really get into it.

Just remember--Spring Cleaning applies to your health, as well. So what better time to order your new ClearClub night guards? And maybe even in a pretty Spring color, to boot. 

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