Stick Up For Yourself Where Your Health Is Concerned


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This is one of the most important health lessons that you will ever learn—you have to be the one person to stick up for your own health! No one else will do it for you.

If you really feel that something is amiss, because we each know our own body better than anyone, insist that your doctors and dentists investigate further, or keep looking until you find someone who will.

And we at ClearClub are always here to help you; our night guards absorb all kinds of stress that causes us to grind our teeth, which can lead to all sorts of health issues. So you're already standing up for yourself by choosing our guards.

But look out for yourself with the rest of your health issues, especially mysterious one. 


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For example, my brother and I both had separate instances of our hair falling out at different points in our life. His came first, and he chose to keep searching until he would find the right doctor to help him solve it. By sticking up for his own health, he was lucky enough to come upon perhaps the only doctor who could have figured it out. And it was the easiest of solutions. 

His story inspired me to figure out my own follicle problem later on in life, when even my most brilliant doctor was stumped. But I got it right only because I would not just let it go. And my now butt-length tresses are the testament to that stick-to-itiveness!

Here's another example: After a recent minor surgery, I didn't receive any notes for my after-care; the surgeon left me to guess! So rather than doing that, I bombarded her with phone messages and long emails until she told me exactly how to proceed. And now I'm finally on the mend.

In cases of symptoms that no one physician or dentist can figure-out definitively, try to get a second opinion - especially if it's something serious. And don't let anyone talk to you into anything (like I did once for two totally unnecessary root canals!).

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And when dentists tell you that you have to pay their high fees for the night guards they make for you, remember that our ClearClub ones are just as effective, for a fraction of the cost! A dental professional even looked at my ClearClub impression kit, and chuckled, “That's what we use!” So there's your second opinion on them right there, gratis from me!

 Our guards will help with the stress while you're planning how to stick up for yourselves when needed. 

Now go get 'em!

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