The Weekly Grind

  • The Science Behind a Smelly Dental Guard

    Unsurprisingly, the same forces are at work making your dental guard smell bad as those behind that old standby, halitosis – a.k.a. bad breath. Let's talk a little bit about what's going on inside your mouth and the ways that you can protect your guard, just as you would your teeth and your overall oral health.
  • Your Teeth Are Important! And So Are Your Gums...

    Though the most direct stress created by bruxism lands on the surfaces of your teeth, it is important to understand that your gums need to also be healthy if you are treating your grinding and clenching habits. Your teeth rely on having a sturdy foundation to support them, which is where maintaining great health for your gums is paramount. So here are the key tips to ensuring that your gums are healthy and happy...
  • Brushing Tips To Improve Your Dental Hygiene Game

    You may be someone who ensures daily that they take time out of their regular routine to brush – even on your lunch breaks at work – and yet, there may be one or two things you can do to ensure an even better, more thorough brushing technique that will help keep your teeth and gums at their healthiest. Here are some tips we've gathered that you should keep in mind...
  • Subscription Guards For Your Complete Dental Health

    Using a dental guard to protect your teeth against grinding and clenching is a critical part of oral health for those with bruxism. It makes sense, then, to treat your guards as you would any other part of your regimen...
  • Which Dental Guard Thickness Is Right For You?

    Personal preference can play a huge part in your ongoing comfort and ability to maintain a healthy routine of wearing your dental guard on a regular basis. It is important, then, to consider both your own comfort as well as other factors when choosing the thickness of your guard. 
  • Dispelling Five Myths About Bruxism

    If you grind your teeth and you are just beginning to research treatments, you may have read or heard a number of myths about the condition of bruxism that are either partially true or completely incorrect. Here’s a quick rundown of common misconceptions!
  • What Is Bruxism, and How Can ClearClub Help?

    Bruxism can be a frustrating condition, but it is definitely treatable. Investing in a dental / night guard can relieve discomfort as well as save you money in dental and medical bills down the line. Now with ClearClub, that treatment is easier than ever.