The Merits of Solitaire

As I'm sure you're aware by now, the purpose of our ClearClub night guards is to absorb some of the day-to-day stress that we all experience, especially while we're sleeping. 

Nothing will work better than those to help with all that, but I have found that during waking hours, occasionally indulging in mindless individual games, like uber-easy Solitaire, (as opposed to using-your-brain games like Word Cube,) can quiet my mind and calm my stress a bit. 

Yes, Solitaire is often a waste of time; on the other hand, playing it does have some good points. Here are some of them that I just realized the other day, (while I was engaging in it, of course!):

~ It’s a good way to ease into the day. (For those of you who have the time to stay in bed for awhile, of course, not for people who have to be up at the crack of dawn for work.) I used to have to force myself to get up and going in the morning. But now I play a few games in bed, on my iPad, and it gets me up and at 'em, with no jolts.

~ Playing such a non-brain-cell-using game is way better than counting sheep for getting to sleep; the counting method can often lead to thinking of things better left for waking hours. (Or for never.) But the repetitive moves of the game when one is already tired are tried-and-true sleep-inducers. (And our ClearClub night guards will shield you from clenching your teeth if you're losing!)

~ This is one outcome in life that doesn’t matter at all, so we can't care if we lose a

game, which, of course, we all do. Repeatedly. I find that playing an insignificant, unimportant game makes my mind calm down from all I’ve been going through for the rest of the day.

~ Along those lines, I’ve noticed that playing this very simple game helps me process problems without dwelling on them. And that’s a godsend nowadays!

~ If you play the game on a computer, (rather than with actual cards,) getting to try each hand over again can also lead to learning different ways to solve problems...

~ ...and to deal with disappointments...

~ ...and to have some patience...

~ ...and to work quickly, if necessary...

~ ...and to learn to let go and not obsess over every little thing, which I’m wont to do.

I hope that this makes my fellow Solitaire players feel a little better about engaging in the game a bit. 

If you love doing it, but still worry that you're wasting time, just make sure to pop in your ClearClub night guard before you begin, so that they will absorb all that stress. They won't help you win at the game, but they always help you win with your health!!

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