Valentine's Day by Karen Salkin


Two hands cupping the bottom of a heart made of yellow, pink and white flowers. There is a pink background.

Hello young (and old) lovers! Your day--Valentine's Day--is almost upon us. I'm wishing you a lovely, and loving one.


But don't let looking for the perfect gift stress you out. And please don't get anxious if you're without a Valentine this year (or ever). It's literally just one day in the entire year.


And ClearClub has you, either way. Actually, we have you in several ways! First of all, what better gift to bestow on your loved one than a night guard? Perhaps even in hot pink, as befits the occasion. It shows that you care about their teeth and health. 

A woman sleeping soundly in a bed.

Secondly, if you're feeling pressure over the whole upcoming romantic holiday, make sure to wear your night guard. It will absorb the tension which manifests in grinding your teeth at night and clenching often during the day. So take that gnashing out on the guards instead of on your precious pearly whites!


Additionally, our ClearClub night guards can also help out all you singletons at this time of year. My on-their-own pals often tell me that they just want Valentine's Day to be over. They say that on top of the strain of feeling lonely at this time of year, they also hate dealing with their friends and families constantly asking when they'll be getting into a relationship. And those stresses can really take a toll on our teeth and gums.


Hands making a heart shape around a smiling mouth.

So, just remember that our ClearClub night guards are there for you, especially this month. Hey—maybe we can be your Valentine!


And to all who celebrate—whether with a partner, your family, some of your also-single pals, or even alone--we wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day!


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