Product FAQs

What's the difference between a ClearClub guard and what I can buy in a store?

The guards you can buy in a store are a soft thermoplastic that you fit to your teeth after heating it up in boiling water. They're bulky, cheap, and flimsy and can interfere with your sleep.

A guard from ClearClub is different. We custom mold our guards to fit your teeth exactly using your teeth impressions. That means they're thinner and more comfortable than anything you can buy from a store. 

What's the difference between a ClearClub guard and what I can buy from a dentist?

ClearClub guards are made using the same materials and the same process as what you could get from your dentist, just at a fraction of the price. Just like your dentist, we make our guards custom to your teeth but instead of having to schedule multiple appointments to have your impressions taken, you can do it at home.

What are ClearClub guards made of?

All of our materials are non-allergenic, latex free, and BPA-free. The outside of the guard is hard acrylic to withstand the forces of grinding and clenching. The soft inner layer makes the guard so comfortable you may even forget you're wearing it.

Can ClearClub guards be worn during the day?

Yes, our guard could be also used during the day. We make guards of 1.3 mm so they are less invasive (not visible and you can talk while wearing them) and are made of hard soft material so they are more comfortable.

How should I clean my guards?

You should rinse your guard immediately after you wear it and brush it with a soft toothbrush using an anti-microbial soap. 

How often should I replace my guard?

We recommend replacing your guard at least every six months. With our renewal plan, we'll save your teeth impressions and can send you a new guard for a fraction of the price.

What happens if my guard doesn't fit well?

While it's very rare, if it does happen just email us to We will get you a new adjusted guard or a new impression kit to make you a new guard—free of charge.  But if you’re still unhappy, we do offer a 60-day money-back guarantee (what you paid, after discounts and excluding taxes & shipping).