Your Teeth Are Important! And So Are Your Gums...

Electric toothbrush and manual toothbrush; photo courtesy of Pixabay

Over the course of many blog posts, we have discussed time and time again the importance of taking care of your teeth if you suffer from bruxism. But the bottom line is, your mouth is an ecosystem that needs to work in sync, and your gums are a very important part of that... 

Though the most direct stress created by bruxism lands on the surfaces of your teeth, it is important to understand that your gums need to also be healthy if you are treating your grinding and clenching habits. Your teeth rely on having a sturdy foundation to support them, which is where maintaining great health for your gums is paramount. So here are the key tips to ensuring that your gums are healthy and happy...

Woman and child flossing their teeth; stock photo courtesy of IStock

FLOSS! We really can't underline this enough. Yes, of course flossing is important when it comes to cleaning out the cracks and crevices where food can become lodged and cause tooth decay... but not flossing regularly is also the #1 cause of gingivitis, which in turn can lead to periodontitis aka the most serious form of gum disease which can loosen the bones that support your teeth. Be sure to floss at least once daily for two minutes, preferably in the evening so that your teeth are clean while you sleep.

Get regular dental cleanings: Visiting your dentist should never be something you only do when there is a problem; a regular checkup is critical, and even more so are regular cleanings to keep your teeth and gums as problem-free as possible. When your dental hygenist gets that troublesome plaque out from the crevices between your teeth, it's for the benefit of everything... including your gums, which can be irritated by the presence of plaque growth.

Woman using mouthwash; stock photo courtesy of IStock

Use a therapeutic mouthwash: Sure, we all know mouthwash is your friend when you wake up and you don't want anyone to smell your morning breath! But there are many washes on the market now that offer advanced therapeutic help to fight gingivitis and keep your gums healthy and strong. Look on the label for one that is designed for this purpose, such as Crest Gum Care or Listerine Naturals for Healthier Gums.

Level up your toothbrush: When your dentist espouses the greatness of an electric toothbrush, it's with good reason; the sustained deep clean that you get from going electric is significantly greater than a manual tooth brush, and your gums reap the benefits as well. If you are hesitant to commit to the cost of a top-line electric model, try an over the counter battery-operated brush first; they don't last as long but they're better than manual and you should see and feel a difference.

Bundle of onions; stock photo courtesy of Pexels

Eat foods that can help: We've discussed foods that are good for combating stress and anxiety, many of which also have other health benefits. With gum health in mind specifically, there are a few to keep in mind including onions (all kinds!), which have antibacterial properties to fight off gum disease and tooth decay. Dark, leafy greens can provide anti-inflammatory assistance with swelling and infection around the gum line. And if you are lactose-tolerant, eat those dairy products! – they contain casein, which reduces tissue loss and also inhibits dental enamel erosion.

Each of these tips, working in tandem, should provide a solid game plan for you to keep your gums healthy and happy and supportive of your anti-bruxism treatments! Make sure to keep wearing your dental guards regularly, of course – ClearClub's custom-fit, low-cost night guards will help protect your teeth from grinding and clenching, and start as low as $95 for your first guard. Plus, they are shipped directly to your door! Your teeth will thank you. 

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