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Video: How To Make a Great Dental Impression

Watch this video before taking your impressions.

Making a great impression is the most important part of helping us create your custom dental nightguard.


Step 0: Check tray size

  • Make sure your molars don't extend past the tray
  • Snsure that your teeth don't hit the sides of the tray

Step 1: Mix and squeeze the putty (45 seconds)

  • Mix the putty quickly so it doesn't harden
  • Mix until putty is a solid color

Step 2: Place putty into the tray (15 seconds)

  • Roll putty into a cylindrical shape. Putty should be the width of the palm of your hand
  • Place putty in tray
  • Spread putty evenly in tray. Make sure putty covers all the walls of the tray

Step 3: Place the tray in your mouth

  • Center the tray and push up with both thumbs to place it in your mouth without hitting the sides (for lower impression, press down)
  • Press up until your teeth reach the bottom of the tray (for lower impression, press down)
  • Hold tray in place firmly with your thumbs to prevent a shallow impression.
  • Leave thumbs in place for the full 3 1/2 minutes.

Step 4: Remove the tray from your mouth

  • Remove tray from Mouth
  • Pull straighy down parallel to your teeth
  • Do not remove putty from tray

Step 5: Clean and return your impression

  • Wash and dry impression
  • Take a picture of your impression and upload it for impression review
  • Once approved, place your impression in the envelope and mail it back with the return label included in your packaging.
  • If rejected, contact and we will send you a new impression kit.