Collection: Choose Your Night Guard, Mouth Guard or Retainer

  • Clear Custom Night Guard
    ClearClub Clear Custom Night Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding, Clenching and TMJ
  • Multi-Color Night Guard
    Multi-Color Nightguard
  • Color Night Guard
    ClearClub Color Pink, Blue, Green Custom Night Mouth Guards for teeth grinding and clenching
  • ClearClub Retainer
    ClearClub Custom Retainer To Protect Teeth From Shifting
  • ClearClub Whitening
    ClearClub Custom Tray for Teeth Whitening
  • Dynamic Duo Night Guard
    ClearClub Color Leopard, Zebra, Custom Night Mouth Guard for teeth grinding and clenching
  • Sports Mouthguard
    Sports Mouthguard
  • Cleaning + Whitening Foam
    Sports Mouthguard

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How does ClearClub work?

1. We ship an impression kit directly to your door.

2. Make your impression and mail it to ClearClub.

3. We deliver your night guard directly to your door.

✓ All shipping fees are included.

✓ Money-back-guarantee.

What are ClearClub night guards made of?

✓ FDA approved, non-allergenic, latex and BPA-free materials.

✓ Manufactured and approved by USA dental professionals.

✓ The outside of the night guard is hard acrylic to withstand the forces of grinding and clenching.

✓ The soft inner layer makes the guard so comfortable you may even forget you're wearing it.

How is ClearClub different from over-the-counter guards?

✓ The night guards you can buy in a store are one-size-fits-all that most people find uncomfortable. They're bulky, cheap and can interfere with your sleep. 

✓ We custom mold our night guards to fit your teeth exactly. That means they're more comfortable than anything you can buy from a store.

Why does ClearClub cost less than a dentist?

✓ Our products are made using the same materials and the same process.

✓ Prices dentists charge cover their time, assistants, and office expenses.

✓ We’re able to provide high-quality guards at a fair price by engaging with customers directly.