Coloriffic!: ClearClub's New Squad of Multi-Colored Night Guards

No, we're not nearly done with the fun in our series of multi-colored guards available for our customers who love to express themselves. Today, we're happy to announce our squad of five brand-NEW multi looks from ClearClub!

We loved the feedback that we got on our initial multi-color offering, The Dynamic Duo (Fortune and Pepper), and we knew that a good number of our customers were still looking for something that was just a little more uniquely them. Which is all to say that we're very excited to share these new shades of guards, and we definitely did not hold back on the color explosion this time! 

Once again, these are the same quality guards you've come to expect from ClearClub but in a rainbow array of new shades designed to better suit your personality and just have fun!  Each of the new colors are bold, eye-catching, and when it comes to practical use they are still a fine way to tell your guards apart. (For example, those who wear one guard during the day and one at night will definitely know which is which. Or if you have more than one guard-wearer in the house, everyone can pick a color!)

  • Bubble Gum is a cool and effervescent palette of pinks, blues and purples that might evoke your favorite sweet treats.
    Bubble Gum guard from ClearClub

  • Camo takes that well-known and much-worn pattern modeled after foliage and turns the day-glo brightness up to 11!
    Camo guard by ClearClub

  • Carnival is a celebration of the spectrum, taking primary colors and spinning them into a full rainbow of hues.
    Carnival guard by ClearClub

  • Hot Lava is a burst of molten reds cutting through rock and stone, for a glowing look that is definitely on fire!
    Hot Lava guard by ClearClub

  • Swirl starts with basic black and punches it up with multiple colors for a funfetti look that is truly unique.
    Swirl guard by ClearClub

ClearClub's new guards, like Fortune and Pepper, are made using a soft but durable material with the color-splatter technique you see above with 2mm thickness.  It offers exceptional protection for your teeth plus premium comfort, whether you're wearing it while gaming or biking, at work or at play, out dancing or getting a good night's sleep.

As with all of our color offerings, the Multi-Color looks are exclusively available on and not available on Amazon. Remember, if you are already a subscriber to ClearClub's renewal plan and you would like your next replacement in a different color, just contact us and we can set that up! Collect them all if you like!

ClearClub's custom-fit, low-cost night guards will help protect your teeth from grinding and clenching, plus they are shipped directly to your door! Your teeth will thank you.

Have questions? Our customer support team can help, or you can check out our FAQ for more information.