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How Long Do Dental Night Guards Last? | ClearClub

How Long Do Dental Night Guards Last: FI

If you're one of the many people who grind their teeth at night, a dental night guard can be a lifesaver. But how long do night guards last? This is a question we often hear at ClearClub, where we specialize in creating custom night guards and offer a unique subscription program for regular replacements.

Lifespan of a Night Guard: A Deeper Look

The lifespan of a night guard can be a topic of concern for many individuals who depend on them for teeth protection. The longevity of these dental appliances can vary widely, ranging from six months to an impressive ten years. This broad range is due to several factors, including the type of night guard, frequency of use, and how well you care for it.

Types of Night Guards and Their Lifespans

Night guards come in different types, each with a distinct lifespan due to the materials used and the wear and tear they can tolerate.

Over-the-Counter Night Guards

Over-the-counter (OTC) night guards are a readily accessible choice for those looking to protect their teeth from the effects of bruxism. These guards are typically made from a softer material, providing a certain level of comfort and flexibility. This can be particularly appealing to those who are new to wearing night guards and prefer a more malleable option.

However, while OTC night guards may be convenient and budget-friendly, their lifespan tends to be shorter. Due to their softness and the constant pressure exerted by grinding, they often wear out faster and may need replacement more frequently than custom-made options. The average lifespan of an OTC night guard can vary, but many users find they need a new one every 6-12 months.

Custom Night Guards

Custom night guards are a premium option, typically made from durable materials like acrylic or dual-laminate composites. Designed to fit your teeth perfectly, they offer a balance of comfort and durability.

The dual-laminate variety is especially beneficial for moderate to severe bruxism. These guards have a hard exterior for durability and a soft interior for comfort, ensuring a comfortable fit while standing up to the pressures of persistent grinding.

Thanks to their robust construction, custom night guards can last significantly longer than their OTC counterparts. Depending on the specific type and the user's level of bruxism, a custom night guard can last approximately two to five years, making them a worthwhile investment for those with persistent bruxism.

The Impact of Frequency of Use

How Long Do Dental Night Guards Last: Impact

Another key determinant of a night guard's lifespan is how frequently you use it. As with any item, the more you use your night guard, the faster it will wear out.

For individuals with severe bruxism who need to wear their night guard every night, the guard may experience faster wear and tear. This could lead to a shorter lifespan, necessitating more frequent replacements.

On the other hand, if your bruxism is less severe or if you only grind your teeth occasionally, you may not need to wear your night guard every night. In such cases, your night guard will last longer since it's exposed to less stress and pressure.

When to Replace Your Night Guard

While there isn't a hard and fast rule, some experts recommend replacing your guard every 3-6 months. This number can vary, and some may ever say 12 months, but in our experience, you have to be able to determine the wear on your guard yourself.

Signs that you might need a new night guard include:

  • Cracks or tears
  • Discomfort or pain when wearing
  • Changes in fit
  • Noticeable wear or thinning


The ClearClub Solution: Simplifying Night Guard Maintenance

How Long Do Dental Night Guards Last: Infographic

Managing bruxism or teeth grinding can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to maintaining and replacing your night guard. Recognizing this challenge, ClearClub has developed an innovative solution: a subscription program that delivers new, custom night guards directly to your door at a frequency of your choosing.

The Convenience of Subscription

ClearClub's subscription model is designed to take the stress out of caring for your night guard. Rather than trying to remember when you last replaced your guard or worrying about its condition, you can simply subscribe and let ClearClub handle the rest.

You can choose to receive a new, high-quality custom night guard every three, four, or six months. This flexibility allows you to select a replacement schedule that best fits your needs and usage habits.

Always in Optimal Condition

The regular delivery of a new night guard ensures that your guard is always in optimal condition. Over time, even the best night guards can become worn or damaged, reducing their effectiveness. Regular replacements help maintain the guard's protective qualities, ensuring that your teeth are always well-protected against grinding.

Perfect Fit Every Time

One of the key benefits of a custom night guard is the perfect fit it offers, and ClearClub's subscription service takes this a step further. With each new guard, minor adjustments can be made as needed, ensuring that your night guard continues to fit perfectly over time. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who's dental or jaw structure may change slightly over time.

Affordable and Accessible

ClearClub strives to make its custom night guards affordable and accessible to everyone. Starting at $95, with subscription renewals starting at just $55, ClearClub offers a cost-effective solution to managing bruxism. Plus, all orders come with free shipping and a 100% money-back guarantee, providing additional peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

So, how long do dental night guards last? The answer isn't straightforward, but with proper care and regular replacements, they can effectively protect your teeth for years. And with ClearClub's subscription program, you'll never have to worry about when to get a new one.

Remember, a well-maintained night guard is key to a good night's sleep and a healthy smile. So let us help you take care of your teeth - one night at a time.