Introducing ClearClub Night Guards In Colors!

As ClearClub continues to grow our community and listen to feedback from our loyal customers, we’ve taken your requests and comments to heart. So we’re delighted to announce that we’re launching a new product on the site this week – the same quality as our classic ClearClub nightguard, but now available in colors! (Hot Pink, Big Blue and Lucky Green)

Hot Pink ClearClub guardIt’s true, a number of our customers have requested this addition to our product line, and we’re excited to be able to deliver. At the same time, we’ve also had some folks ask us why you’d want a colored dental nightguard in the first place. As we’ve noted many times, one of the points of great feedback we get from customers about the original ClearClub nightguard is that with its light weight and clear nature, it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing a nightguard. So why would you want to highlight it?

Why not?! It turns out that while some of our customers prefer the indistinguishable traits of a clear nightguard, others love to let their personality stand out – in any way they can, whether that’s through the design on their phone case, a personalized license plate, or even having a dental nightguard in the color of their choice. (Colored dental appliances have been around for a long time, after all – we can remember wearing retainers in junior high where the mold was poured in a neat shade of turquoise!)

It’s also a great way to distinguish your night guards. As we noted in our blog post about choosing the right thickness, some folks prefer to wear a thinner night guard during the day and a thicker one overnight. If you’ve got two nightguards, you could mark the cases to ensure you know which is which, but it’s definitely a lot easier if the nightguard you wear to bed is a different color.

Big Blue ClearClub GuardSharing a bathroom? An even better reason! Some of our customers have spouses or significant others who also wear a dental night guard, and if both of your night guards are clear it’s a lot easier to get them mixed up. Why not, as with your toothbrushes, vary the color to ensure that you know whose is whose?

Hey - it’s a fashion statement! We’ve heard this one a lot, particularly from our younger customers, and it springboards off of the idea of why not? that we outlined above. If you like to accessorize up and down the board to be a reflection of your personality, why not add your dental nightguard to the items that you can customize and match with a wardrobe, like your shoes or bag? If you are one of our subscription customers, you can also contact us and specify that you’d like your next replacement in a different color, allowing you to collect them all if you’d like!

Lucky Green ClearClub GuardThese have been fun to design and test, and we think those of you who have been asking for colored nightguards will love them. They correspond with the 2mm, or middle-weight thickness of our classic ClearClub nightguard, but are made of the same comfortable gel/acrylic combination. And if the concept is new to you, try them out and see what you think! Plus keep an eye on our product pages, there will be more to come in the future.

ClearClub's custom-fit, low-cost night guards will help protect your teeth from grinding and clenching, plus they are shipped directly to your door! Your teeth will thank you.

Have questions? Our customer support team can help, or you can check out our FAQ for more information.