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Over the Counter Night Guard - Consider These Factors Before Buying

Over The Counter Night Guards

Are You Thinking Of Buying An Over-The-Counter Night Guard?

If you are looking for pros and cons to purchasing and using an over the counter night guard you are in the right place. Whether you’re simply looking for a more affordable solution to sleep bruxism or you want to discover what the differences are between dental-grade night guards and over-the-counter (OTC) night guards this blog post explains what you need to know.

Before opting for the cheaper option it’s essential to understand the basics of what you want a night guard to do for you and exactly how comfortable each night guard fits. For example, if you're dealing with sleep bruxism, an over-the-counter night guard may protect your teeth at night; however, there are also other OTC mouth guards that are used primarily for athletic purposes rather than nighttime teeth grinding. While over-the-counter night guards are considerably more affordable than dental night guards or online custom night guards, it’s imperative that you know what to look for before purchasing anything.

What kind of dental protection are you looking for?

There are various types of mouth guards available over the counter, at your local dentist, and online. Although some of the below mouth guards can assist those who grind their teeth at night, there are other guards that are primarily used as protection in sports. Listed below are different types of dental guards and where they are often purchased (i.e. online, over the counter, or from a dentist).

If you’re seeking dental protection for sports or athletic activities you’re likely looking for a mouth guard or sports mouth guard. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or an active recreational player, these protective devices can help your smile safe by absorbing the force of a blow and reducing your risk for direct trauma. Below are different types of mouthguards often used during sports or athletic activities:
~ Mouth Guards | also referred to as sports guards:
  • These guards are an essential form of protective gear used by athletes of all ages and skill levels. Mouth guards act as a cushion that prevents trauma to the mouth, teeth, gums, lips, and jaw should contact or impact occur during play.
  • PURCHASE OPTIONS: Online, OTC, and from local dentists

    ~ Stock Mouth Guards | also referred to as athletic mouthguards

    • Stock mouth guards are a form of protection also known as a stock mouth protector. They are pre-formed mouth protectors that come in a few standard sizes and are ready-to-wear. However, they are not custom-made or custom fitting therefore these kinds of guards can not be adjusted to fit your teeth.
    • PURCHASE OPTIONS: Online and OTC

      ~ Boil-n-Bite Guards | also referred to as sports mouthguards

      • These mouth guards are also a type of oral protection designed to guard against trauma from sports. As suggested in the name, this kind of guard is made out of a thermoplastic material that you can put in hot water to soften and mold it to comfortably fit your mouth. Unfortunately, these dental guards are typically bulky and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time despite it being a semi custom fitted night guard. 
      • PURCHASE OPTIONS: Online and OTC

        The items listed below are custom-fitted dental guards that provide protection against bruxism and teeth clenching rather than athletic trauma:

        ~ Night Guards | also referred to as bite guards for sleeping

        • A form of teeth protection that is often used to help prevent tooth damage due to grinding or clenching during sleep.
        • PURCHASE OPTIONS: Online and from local dentists

          ~ Custom Dental Guards | also referred to as clear custom night guard

          • Used also in preventing tooth damage from grinding or clenching however, these guards are also used during the day.
          • PURCHASE OPTIONS: Online and from local dentists

            Protecting Your Teeth At Night

            If you grind your teeth at night then you’re likely in search of a night guard or custom dental guard. These types of mouthguards are most effective when worn every night which is why it’s important to find a night guard that fits your teeth comfortably and gives you the best protection. In addition to protecting your teeth, night guards help:

            1. Relieves Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching
            2. Reduces Stress on the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)
            3. Improves Your Sleep Quality
            4. Protects Tooth Enamel From Wearing Down
            5. Prevents Headaches Caused By TMJ Dysfunction

            Still Not Sure What Kind of Dental Protection You Need?

            NOT A PROBLEM !

            ClearClub offers a short and easy quiz that can help people just like you find the perfect night guard or dental protection to fit your unique needs. If you’re unsure what kind of dental protection you need simply take the ClearClub Quiz by clicking the button below!


            Purchasing An Over The Counter Night Guard [ Pros and Cons ]

            If you want to know the basic pros and cons of purchasing over the counter night guards read on:

            CONS: Most Common Issues With Over The Counter Night Guards
            Over-the-counter night guards are intended to help prevent grinding or clenching your teeth during sleep; however, there are several problems with these types of night guards that can make them not only less effective but cause further teeth-grinding issues.

            ~ NOT CUSTOM FITTED

              • One of the main issues you may face when using an OTC night guard is that it is not custom-fitted to your mouth. Although some guards such as boil-n-bite night guards come with a mold that you can shape to your mouth, oftentimes there is either not enough coverage or too much coverage. Without proper coverage or protection for all of your teeth, these kinds of night guards may not stay securely in place during sleep or can cause extreme discomfort if they are too big and bulky. This issue can lead to even more jaw pain, headaches, or even teeth grinding.


              • Another problem with OTC night guards is that they are often made from lower-quality materials than custom-fitted night guards. This can make them more prone to breaking or wearing out quickly. OTC night guards can also be made of a hard material which can be uncomfortable to sleep on and can cause more jaw pain.

            PROS: Benefits of Purchasing An Over The Counter Night Guards

            Although most dentists do not recommend purchasing an over-the-counter night guard, there are benefits that would make this option seem like a viable option. The benefits of purchasing an over-the-counter night guard include the following:

            ~ CONVENIENCE:

              • OTC Night Guards are readily available in your local drugstores and pharmacies. Purchasing a night guard over the counter does require any trips to the dentist or a waiting period for the night guard to be made.
              • This benefit is similar to ClearClub's Custom Night Guards. With ClearClub you do not have to visit any dentist or even visit a store! You simply order your custom night guard and it is delivered straight to your door! If this sounds appealing, you can shop ClearClub’s night guards now by simply clicking the shop now button below!

            ~ AFFORDABILITY:

              •  Purchasing a night guard over the counter can be significantly cheaper than other options. However, with the extreme affordability of OTC night guards, it is safe to say you get what you pay for.
              • Similarly to the first benefit, ClearClub’s custom night guards are also much more affordable than any other custom night guards on the market.

            Although you will spend less money buying an OTC night guard, the odds of the night guard being effective at protecting your teeth are low. When purchasing OTC night guards, you will sacrifice significant quality, dental protection of your teeth, and health benefits in return for affordability.


            When considering all the options for night guards, over-the-counter can work as a solution for bruxism (teeth grinding and jaw clenching), but they are the least effective. These kinds of night guards do not always work as effectively or efficiently as customized night guards simply because they are not tailored to fit your unique smile/ mouth. OTC night guards are often a one-size-fits-all design which can also cause further irritation or dental issues if it does not fit properly in your mouth

            If your primary goal is the health and protection of your teeth, OTC night guards are not your best option. 

            Generally, your best option is to purchase a custom-fitted night guard from ClearClub to ensure full dental-grade protection against bruxism.

            If you’re looking for quality and affordability…


            You can gain a better understanding of the quality of a night guard by simply finding out what it’s made of. The material used to craft ClearClub’s Custom Night Guards is one of the primary reasons why their products are superior to others. Unlike other products on the market or OTC, ClearClub uses a non-toxic material that has been approved by the FDA and is BPA-free, latex-free, and non-allergenic. This ensures that customers will not experience any irritation, tooth shifting, or discomfort when wearing their night guard.

            Considering all the factors involved in finding the best night guard, it’s safe to say that ClearClub’s night guards provide the best overall options and prices. Even though ClearClub’s night guards are slightly more expensive than OTC night guards you will find that after purchasing a few OTC night guards none will compare to the dental-grade quality provided by ClearClub.

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