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Playing Contact Sports? Here’s Why You Need a Mouth Guard

Best custom mouth guard for sports


Sports-related injuries can lead to a lifelong negative impact. The problem athletes have is not simply tooth loss but they may never be able to play sports again due to various neck and jaw injuries. This problem is true of amateur as well as professional sports. Football players in high school and college have a similar risk of facial injuries as those in the NFL. Injuries like concussions and broken jaws can dramatically change a person’s future during these years. 

It is estimated that an athlete has a 50% chance of sustaining a mouth injury at some point in their career. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that more than 600,000 people visit the emergency room each year as a result of sustaining dental injuries while playing sports. 

Any sports activity where the players must physically interact with one another is considered a contact sport. Individuals frequently come into touch during the other team’s defense or attack in an effort to score points or stop them from advancing. 

Using a mouthguard, which typically protects your mouth, is necessary if you participate in a contact sport. When playing a contact sport, you run the risk of seriously hurting your teeth, tongue, cheeks and other oral structures if you play without full headgear. Safety is the top priority for every player, whether they play in little league or the pros. 

Dentists recommend wearing a mouth guard for contact sports such as football, martial arts, basketball, boxing, rugby, ice and field hockey, skiing, and wrestling. What about people who take part in less intensive sports? The likelihood of mouth injuries among gymnasts, skateboarders and volleyball players is the same as that among football players. 

Types of mouth guard

There are basic types of mouth guards that are available depending on one’s needs. It is possible to mold and customize mouth guards to fit your mouth. It can also be purchased as ready-made from sporting-goods stores. Its various types include the following: 

  • Boil-and-bite mouth guards. When using the boil-and-bite type, it is first submerged in hot water to mold it to your mouth. It is important to carefully bite down gently to protect the device’s thickness and effectiveness, although doing so won’t stop typical pain issues. As it cools, it fits comfortably over the teeth and conforms to the shape of the mouth. It provides superior protection due to its customized softening compared to ready-to-use mouth guards.
  • Ready-to-use mouth guards. Sometimes referred to as “stock mouth guards”, is one that can be purchased off the shelf. It comes in a variety of sizes, including small, medium and large, and is pre-formed from either polyvinyl or rubber. Despite being a great affordable choice, these typically have a poor fit and offer limited protection. Because of their poor fit, they are typically thick and hard, will obstruct breathing and speaking, and are prone to falling out when the mouth is open. Of all the mouth guard types, they offer the least protection. 
  • Custom-made mouth guards. Even though these mouth guards cost more, they are the best choice for players who participate in high-impact sports. It is crafted from premium materials using impressions of your teeth and mouth which are sent to a dental lab for fabrication. This type of mouth guard is molded to precisely fit the shape of your mouth. It guarantees protection, enhanced performance and comfort. It is proven to lessen the frequency and severity of mouth injuries in sports that involve physical contact. Athletes prefer it because it perfectly covers the teeth. 

Wrap up

More than 90% of mouth guards from sporting goods stores don’t provide as much as protection. 

Mouth guards protect your jaws in addition to protecting your teeth against injury. A one-size-fits-all mouth guard won’t be very effective because everyone has a unique mouth and set of teeth. When struck with great force, poorly fitted mouth guards may even worsen the injuries. The best mouth guards are custom-made specifically for each athlete’s mouth. Custom mouth guards are precisely fitted to protect against dental and jaw injuries, pulp damage, tooth loss and concussions; especially important for people who use braces or have fixed bridgework. Custom mouth guards ensure that your mouth guard won’t interfere with your breathing, speaking or concentrating while playing sports. 

Whatever your needs are, there’s a product out there that’s designed specifically for you. With ClearClub, you’re sure to get the best breathability, optimum protection and durable design. What’s more, our sports guard offers jaw protection as you bite down on the guard! Order yours right away and discover your inner confidence.