The Best Soft Night Guards for Teeth Grinding



If you're one of the many people who grind their teeth at night, you may be wondering what kind of night guard is best for you. There are a few things to consider when choosing a night guard, but one of the most important factors is how soft it is. In this blog post, we'll recommend some of the best soft night guards for teeth grinding. We'll also provide some tips on how to choose the right one for you. Read on to learn more!


Although night guards are a popular option that many people turn to when they experience teeth grinding, finding a comfortable and effective solution can be both time consuming and extremely expensive. In your search for the best soft night guard you may have come across 3 different options so far:

Purchase From Your Local Dentist:
    • While purchasing a night guard from your local dentist may seem like the most efficient solution it is also the most unaffordable. Especially when you can buy the same quality soft night guard from ClearClub at a fraction of the cost.
    Go To Your Local Drug Store And Purchase Over-The-Counter:
    • There are a few different types of over-counter (OTC) teeth grinding solutions (i.e. boil n bite, partial coverage, and more). While OTC night guards are much cheaper, these guards are often bulky and uncomfortable to wear for long amounts of time.
    Purchase Online:
    • When selecting a soft night guard online, it's essential to consider the material it is made out of as well as the way it fits. Most soft guards are made from thermoplastic materials, such as polyvinyl acetate or polyurethane, which form easily around your mouth without discomfort when heated up. The soft night guards that ClearClub offers are the only FDA approved night guards for sale in the U.S.A.

    Clear Guards From ClearClub

    ClearClub is proud to offer soft night guards that protect teeth and gums with the Clear Guards available in 1.3mm thickness. These guards are designed to be gentle on the inside while providing strong protection against damage from teeth clenching and lower levels of teeth grinding.

    Made from a hard outer surface the Clear Guards offered by ClearClub are made with precision-crafted materials that ensure optimal coverage and comfort. The hard exterior offers enhanced function, while the inner surface remains soft and gentle on your teeth. The 1.3 mm thickness provides an additional layer of safety against grinding, clenching, and other oral traumas to preserve your dental health over time. In addition, this special coating makes it easier to clean and maintain your night guard for extended use without damaging it.

    Clear Club offers a variety of night guards. When you order a Clear Guard you have the option to choose from 3 levels of thickness. The soft night guard is the night guard with a 1.3mm level of thickness. However, if you tend to have a heavier level of teeth grinding one of the thicker night guards may be the better option.

    Night guards can help you get back to a healthy life...

    A night guard, also known as a dental guard, occlusal guard, or bite splint; is designed to safeguard your teeth while offering relief from the effects of bruxism. Night guards provide optimal protection from further harm caused by grinding and ensure that you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

    Whether you suffer from light or heavy tooth grinding, there is a night guard available on the market to help you get an undisturbed sleep. Soft night guards are an affordable, comfortable solution for those who experience light grinding while hard night guards are the most durable option and should be considered by individuals who have normal to heavy tooth grinding.

    Soft Night Guards

    Just as no two mouths are the same, not everyone grinds or clenches their teeth the same either. There are some people with sever bruxism who grind there teeth much harder than some who have just found out they have bruxism and are not heavy grinders or clenchers. 

    Soft night guards are the perfect solution for those who do not have severe bruxism. However, if you are unsure which night guard is best for your specific needs you can take the ClearClub Quiz. ClearClub offers a quick and easy quiz you can take to find out which night guard is best for your level of teeth grinding or clenching. Simply click the button below to take the quiz now! 


    Which night guard is better, hard or soft night guards?

    The answer to which night guard is better-- hard or soft-- depends on your unique needs. Hard night guards offer more durable protection than their soft night guard counterparts, which makes them ideal for individuals who struggle with TMJ, teeth clenching and grinding. On the other hand, soft night guards are often preferred for people suffering from light to medium teeth grinding issues because of their more comfortable fit. Ultimately, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons which personalize each individual's needs when deciding which type of night guard will work best for you.

    Soft Night Guard Chart

    Don't Ignore The Signs Of Teeth Grinding

    Night guards are a necessary means of protection against teeth grinding. There are many types and brands of night guards available on the market, but not all are created equal. The best night guard for you depends on your level of teeth grinding. ClearClub’s Night Guards are comfortable, durable, and easy to care for. When used properly, our night guards can be a great way to protect your teeth from the harmful effects of grinding.

    ClearClub's Promise: Clear prices, clear protection.

    We understand how important protecting one's dental health is, which is why we chose to use only the best materials for our night guards, so customers can rest assured knowing they have an effective tool at hand when needed.
    If you're looking for a quality night guard that will last, order a custom made Clear Guard from ClearClub.

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