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The Dayguard: Protecting Your Teeth When You're Not Asleep

For most dental nightguard wearers, the most important focus of their treatment happens at night, when they wear their nightguards while sleeping to prevent grinding and clenching they are unaware of. That said, there are plenty of reasons to wear a nightguard during the daytime...

A significant number of our clients at ClearClub opt for our renewal plan for a specific reason, and that is so that they can ensure they have a dayguard, or perhaps more than one! These additional mouthguards provide flexibility and protection for a number of circumstances. For example:

• Driving, especially for those with long commutes from home to the office, can cause a great deal of undue stress. Having an additional dayguard that you keep in the glove compartment of your car gives you the option of extra protection during those all-important morning and evening hours.

• Rather than transport the same nightguard you wear at night to and from the office in your briefcase or work bag, an additional mouthguard you can keep in your desk drawer is also handy to ensure remote protection with minimal chance of misplacing it en route.

• Having an extra mouthguard you can keep in your locker at the gym is also a useful option; while you're focused on working out, you might not realize you're grinding and clenching so it's a terrific opportunity to use a mouthguard. (Granted, if you're practicing impact sports as part of your workout, use an athletic mouthguard!)

• For those frequent fliers who travel for work often, having an extra nightguard on hand that only lives in your suitcase is a great investment. Traveling can definitely be hectic, so if something unexpected happens like leaving it in the hotel or having a bag go missing at the airport, you'll still have your regular night guard waiting safely at home.

• As you receive a renewal nightguard through our plan, you can apply them to all of these uses – and our ClearClub nightguards are made to last, so provided your teeth don't shift much you can wear them all for some time. Just make sure to thoroughly rinse and clean your nightguards with a soft toothbrush, to ensure that they remain bacteria free. (It'll also help them stay fresh; your loved ones will appreciate that, too!)

Clear Club's renewal plan option will send you a replacement guard every three, four or six months, depending on your preference, for as low as $35 per renewal. If you could use a spare guard or two for your daily routine, it's an affordable option with quality results. Try it today!


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