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When It's Time To Replace Your Night Guard

A good, quality dental guard is made to last for some time. Of course, anything whose purpose is to prevent surface grinding isn't going to last forever, and there are many other things that can contribute to wear and tear. Not to mention outside factors you never saw coming!

Here are some of the usual – and unusual! – reasons that you might find yourself in need of a new dental nightguard:

The Usual

- You just had dental work done, and now your nightguard no longer fits properly.

- Similarly, your night guard may not fit anymore if you haven't worn it in some time and the shape or alignment of your teeth have changed.

- You love to drink coffee, or tea, or wine or another beverage that stains, and now your nightguard is stained as well.

- You've just had it so long that, with the accumulation of bacteria over time, it has an odor that you can't get rid of.

- As noted, even a well-constructed nightguard will wear down over time, so perhaps your old one finally cracked or broke.

- Then there are the many ways you can misplace a nightguard. Perhaps it was in your pocket or purse and fell out?

- Or you put it in the glove compartment of your car, and suddenly it's not there. (Glove compartments are tricky!)

- Spring cleaning time? Be careful that you don't accidentally throw out your nightguard with the old junk.

- Frequent traveler? Maybe you realized on that plane flight home that you left your nightguard on your hotel night stand.

- Or perhaps it was right there on the night stand at home, and now it's suddenly gone. It happens!

The Unusual

- Kids aren't always going to know what a dental nightguard is for. Maybe yours decided to use your nightguard as a paint tray.

- Or they thought it was something they could add to their toy medical kit. Somehow it's been bent into a strange new shape...

- Even baby could get into the action, if they suddenly decide your nightguard looks like a good teething ring!

- Have pets? Maybe your dog decided that your nightguard seemed like a great chew toy.

- Or your cat seemed to think it was made of catnip!

- Then there are your unforeseen accidents, like one moment your nightguard is on the edge of the sink and suddenly, you've knocked it into the toilet.

- Not to mention if the nightguard is on the sink or counter while you're styling your hair, and you accidentally placed your curling iron on top of it.

- You took your car to the car-wash, not realizing that it fell out on the floor and it was no match that super-powerful vacuum!

- Or perhaps you took it out at the movies to eat popcorn, and the next thing you know it fell onto the sticky, grimy theater floor.

- On a trip, you may have packed your nightguard in with your toiletries... in the bag that you checked. And the airline lost it!

These are just a handful of the expected, or unexpected, ways that you might find yourself suddenly in need of a new nightguard. When you're not expecting the expense of a replacement, you may not have the money saved for a nightguard that will cost a few hundred dollars... and that is where ClearClub comes in.

ClearClub's custom-fit, high-quality dental nightguards are lightweight and durable, and most importantly affordable. Starting at $95, you can receive a new nightguard shipped directly to your door – plus with our subscription option, you can sign up for regular replacements starting at $45 in case one of those oddball accidents happens again!


No matter what curveball is thrown your way, ClearClub has got the solution to ensure that your teeth are safe and healthy. Try us today! Your teeth will thank you.

Have questions? Our customer support team can help, or you can check out our FAQ for more information.