Understanding the Purpose For Different Types of Mouth Guards

As we've noted here at ClearClub, our product is designed to offer a lower-cost, affordable option for high-quality custom-fit dental nightguards. Sometimes, however, we field questions from consumers as to options that might cost even less...

There are types of mouth guards that can be purchased over the counter from major retailers, sometimes as low as under $10. However, these are not professional grade, custom-fit night guards, and are not always designed for treating bruxism and other health issues caused by grinding your teeth.

sports guardA common over the counter mouthguard that you can purchase is a sports mouthguard. These are intended for use by those who play high-contact sports – such as football, hockey and boxing – in order to prevent damage to teeth caused by impact. 

Consumers sometimes ask us why, when these types of mouthguards cost so little, they might not be the best option to treat bruxism. The most important thing to note about sports mouthguards is that they are not molded to fit the alignment of your teeth, and therefore don't offer the same kind of protection for the stress that is caused by teeth grinding together. (They're great for helping to make sure you don't knock a tooth out if someone accidentally elbows you in the mouth, which is what they were designed to do!)

Additionally, though they come in a few different types of shapes and thicknesses, even a lighter-weight sports mouthguard can be uncomfortable and bulky to wear when you sleep, causing labored breathing that might be counter-productive to preventing other conditions, such as snoring or sleep apnea.

There are also over the counter night guards available which are marketed specifically for treatment of bruxism, and they come in two common forms: A hinged brace which allots a certain amount of space between your teeth, as well as a molded kit which you can make at home that requires boiling a gel nightguard until soft, fitting it to your teeth and then cooling it until hardened and set.

hinged night guardThe hinged sleep mouthguard option does not offer any sort of direct, molded protection for your teeth, instead relying on separation as the preventative measure. Much like sports mouthguards, these mouthguards can be bulky and uncomfortable to sleep in, as well as unnecessarily hard on your jaw. 

Molded gel night guards, on the other hand, are intended to capture the shape and the alignment of your teeth. However, should you make an error while boiling the gel and setting your mold, not much can be done to correct it. The material, most often, is also less durable and long-lasting than those created by lab technicians from professional impressions.

ClearClub guardsAt ClearClub, our model is to offer the lowest-cost option to our customers that reflects the highest-quality product available. Your first night guard will cost as low as $95, depending on your selection, but the custom night guard that you will receive after sending back your impression kit is made by professional techs from materials that are created to last through the stress of grinding and clenching. If you sign up for the ClearClub subscription option, we'll send you regular replacements every three, four or six months!

Your comfort and oral health, as well as your finances, are our top priority. Try ClearClub today! Your teeth will thank you.

Have questions? Our customer support team can help, or you can check out our FAQ for more information.



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