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What Else Should You Invest In Besides a Dental Night Guard? Here Are Five Tips!

When it comes to treating bruxism, having a solid night guard solution is your best defense against grinding – whether you grind during the day, while sleeping, or both – but it’s also important to think about other elements of dental care.

While the damage that can be done as a result of bruxism may be your first concern, don’t discount the fact that other practices with regard to dental care are equally important to maintain for your best conditions toward an overall healthier practice. We thought we’d offer five top notch solutions toward completing your portfolio of great dental health!:

Electric Toothbrushes

Oral B Pro 1000

As any dentist or oral health professional will tell you, an electric toothbrush is miles better than your standard toothbrush; ensuring that you have control to get into every crack and crevice between your teeth and gums makes all the difference. If you are on a budget, it’s important to note that a battery-run over the counter electric toothbrush – which will run at about $10 – is definitely a better option than a standard brush. But if you can invest in something more substantial, the New York Times recommends Oral B’s Pro 1000 toothbrush as the best option on the market.

Choosing the Right Toothpaste

Picking the right toothpaste is almost as daunting – maybe even more daunting! – than picking the right toothbrush. Thre are so many options, many of which offer solutions that are terrific but not directly relevant to bruxism issues. (Teeth whitening, for example – of course, we all want whiter teeth!) One of the best options for bruxers is Sensodyne’s brand which offers three terrific benefits: Tartar control, teeth whitening, and it’s specifically formulated for sensitive teeth, i.e. if you have been grinding and you want to ensure that you can support your oral health without causing your teeth too much abrasiveness.

Floss, Floss, Floss!

Listerine ultra clean floss

Truth be told, there isn’t really one end-all-be-all solution for flossing when it comes to bruxism. Flossing is absolutely vital to oral health, but anything that can give you solid support in terms of preventing plaque and gingivitis is going to go a long way. Among the best rated floss on the market is Listerine’s Ultraclean product, which will certainly get the job done.

Oral Irrigators?

It can be particularly hard to thoroughly brush your teeth particularly if you have braces, or are using other solutions such as Invisalign. An oral irrigator is a device that can direct a stream of water toward the hard to reach areas of your mouth that, if you are using these other products could present an extremely valuable alternative when floss just won’t get the job done. There are many irrigators on the market, but one of the best rated options is Waterpik’s Electric Countertop Irrigator.

Don’t Neglect Your Tongue

Tongue scraper

Here’s the thing: You mouth is a staging ground for bacteria of all kinds! Just because you are paying special attention to your teeth doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be giving other areas in your mouth careful consideration. And your tongue is a big one; bacteria canur e collect on your tongue which will affect your entire dental health. So, a huge investment could be in a tongue scraper; Dr. Tongue's stainless steel tongue scraper is a terrific investment toward ridding your mouth of unwanted bacteria.  









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