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Affordable Night Guards: How Much Does a Night Guard Cost?


How Much Does a Night Guard Cost?

Grinding your teeth at night can be super painful and getting a pricey night guard can be even more painful on your pocketbook. So what do you do? Keep on reading to find out how you can get a top-quality, easy-to-use, FDA-approved night guard at prices lower than you could ever imagine!
It is no news that night guards keep people from damaging their teeth while they are asleep. A night guard serves many different purposes for our overall dental health. So, let’s have a look at some of them.

What Does a Night Guard Do?

The purpose of a night guard is simple – You use it to protect your teeth at night. If you’ve been diagnosed with bruxism or teeth grinding, you should probably consider getting a night guard. You see, when you grind your teeth while unconscious, it can cause a plethora of dental problems; from severe jaw pain to a chipped tooth, the consequences can be brutal.
There are a ton of reasons why one can develop teeth grinding or bruxism. The reasons can range from:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Taking certain medications
  4. Eating certain foods
  5. Sleep apnea & even snoring

While the causes of teeth grinding may differ from person to person, the solution in most cases remains the same - investing in a good night guard.

Night Guard Cost Solution

What is a Good Night Guard?

Generally, a good night guard is a type of guard that's custom-made specifically to protect your teeth from teeth grinding and clenching while you're asleep. This type of dental protection is also known as a dental guard or custom-fitted night guard. While there are other non-custom options available such as over-the-counter(OTC) mouthguards, these are often not as comfortable or reliable.

Costs Involved in Getting a Night Guard From A Dentist

Now, before you buy a night guard for yourself, there are a few costs involved before you get the tool in your hands.

  • Dental Exam ($50-$300) – To get a custom-fit night guard from a dentist you'll need to schedule an in-office consultation to receive a check-up. Your dentist may then take an impression of your teeth which would then be used to make a mold.
  • The Actual Cost – Even if you have dental insurance, you need to make sure how much of the cost is covered for your treatment. This means that you need to consider any out-of-pocket costs that might incur. For example, most (if not all) insurance policies DO NOT cover the cost of a dental night guard therefore, you will also need to pay anywhere between $300 to $1000 for the actual custom guard.

Night Guards From Dentists v. ClearClub's Custom-Made Night Guards

Of course, if you have a regular dentist, ideally, you would choose them to make your night guard, HOWEVER, the out-of-pocket costs involved in purchasing a custom night guard from a dentist are unreasonable. This is why many people may opt for a cheaper OTC Night Guard. Yet, while you may pay much less for an OTC night guard, you will not reap all of the benefits that come with using a custom-made dental guard.
However, there is another option that does allow you to reap all of the benefits of a dental night guard- purchasing a custom-made night guard online from ClearClub for a fraction of the cost.

Purchasing A Night Guard From ClearClub

By now, we all know that a custom-made night guard from ClearClub is the best option for everyone as it is the only option that will effectively protect your teeth from further damage at the industry leading low price.
ClearClub's FDA approved custom night guards are dental quality night guards minus the exorbitant costs you pay when purchasing a guard from a dentist.


We send you a dental impression kit. You mail the kit back to us. And we begin making your custom-made night guard that will reach you in no time! The best part? Night guards come at super-affordable prices starting at just $95! Not the crazy expensive prices you see at the dentist office.

More Benefits from ClearClub

Starting at ONLY $95, all our night guards come with a ClearClub guarantee. Plus, you can choose from a variety of options that are customized to fit your specific needs - thick or thin, and different colors too.
Whether you are looking for an all-natural soft, comfortable solution or something more comprehensive or thick, ClearClub has the perfect solution.
All our guards are FDA approved and are made to provide comfort and protection, while simultaneously offering superior teeth protection and optimal grinding relief.

Don’t wait. Start protecting your teeth today - order now!

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