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How Do I Know If My Night Guard Fits Properly?

How Do I Know If My Night Guard Fits Properly?

An ill-fitting night guard can ultimately cause damage to your teeth.

Protecting your teeth is essential for maintaining optimal oral health and a night guard that fits correctly can help with this. If you’ve just started using a night guard to help reduce teeth grinding or clenching, you probably have questions like: how do I know if my night guard fits properly?. Although it can be difficult to determine whether or not your bite guard fits properly, it's extremely important since wearing a night guard that doesn’t fit properly can cause you even more oral problems.

This blog post will provide an informative look into some of the most common issues people just like you might face during the break-in period of a new night guard.

Wearing A Night Guard


Minor Soreness: Minor soreness when you first start wearing a night guard is normal. Don’t get discouraged right away – most people need a few days to several weeks to adjust to sleeping with the item in their mouths. Yet, soreness to the point of aching, means that the device doesn't fit properly. To speed up the process, you could start wearing your new sleep aid during the day so your mouth gets used to having it there more quickly.

Difficulty Speaking: Thick night guards may make it difficult to speak while they're in your mouth. They provide more protection than thin models. With a thin or soft night guard, you may find that it's easier to speak with it over your teeth.

Biting Feels Different: After you take your bite guard out in the morning, you may notice that biting feels different. This is normal during the adjustment period, as long as you aren't feeling too much pain.


Warning Signs That Your Night Guard Does Not Fit Properly

Although a night guard can cause minor soreness during your break-in period, you should not wake up with extreme jaw pain, jaw soreness, tooth soreness, or tooth pain. Other warning signs include shifting of your teeth and irritation of your gums, cheeks, or tongue. Additionally, a custom-made night guard should also never fall out of your mouth while you're asleep. These warning signs indicate that you may need a new night guard.

In summary, if you are wearing a night guard that falls out or causes extreme, unbearable jaw pain, it does not fit.


Are night guards supposed to be tight?

Though rare, it is possible to have one that is too tight. Your night guard shouldn't feel like it's shifting your teeth or putting excessive pressure on them.


Is my night guard supposed to be loose?

Night Guards should have a snug fit to prevent you from needing to use your opposite set of teeth to hold it in place. If you find yourself needing to use your tongue or teeth to keep it in place, then it's too loose.

Custom-fit night guards fit properly since they are made from a mold of your exact teeth. However, on rare occasions, a mistake may occur and it’s imperative to either get a replacement or find a night guard that does fit properly. A common mistake most people make is trying night guards that aren't custom-made such as over-the-counter or stock mouth guards. These guards will not provide a perfect fit since each person has a unique set of teeth.

Having A Night Guard That Fits Your Teeth

An ill-fitting night guard won't protect you from grinding your teeth at night, even if you have slight to moderate teeth grinding. It also won't provide the other benefits that wearing a night guard should (i.e. preventing headaches or jaw pain). An improper fit can cause even more problems with your teeth and jaw.

You can tell that your night guard fits properly if it's tight around your teeth without pain or extreme soreness.

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Already Have A Night Guard?

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