Why Do My Front Teeth Hurt After Wearing a Night Guard?

Why Your Front Teeth Hurt After Wearing Night Guards

Wearing a Night Guard

Do you find yourself waking up with tooth pain or have dental problems that came out of nowhere? This probably happens because you grind your teeth through the night. Lucky for you, there is a simple solution to this problem—a night guard.

A night guard is a tool used by people who grind their teeth through the night, in their sleep. This grinding of teeth can lead to severe dental and oral problems like tooth pain, sensitivity, or even breakage and chipped teeth.

They are designed to help protect your teeth from damage during sleep, however, there are a few instances in which it can cause discomfort or exacerbate existing pain. However, before we get into the reasons why your night guard might be hurting you, let’s take a look at how night guards work.

Teeth Clenching

Teeth clenching, also known as bruxism, can have a severe impact on your oral health. The American Academy of Oral Medicine states that bruxism while sleeping is very different from bruxism when awake. This is because when you are awake and conscious, you can control the strength or the force you exert clenching your teeth. 

While awake bruxism is not good for your oral health, but it is controllable. However, the story is completely different when you are sound asleep. Of course, you can’t control the force you clench your teeth with throughout the night. As a result, sometimes people can use too much strength and not only damage their teeth’s strength, but they can also break them off completely. 

What does a custom-made night guard do? 

  1. First off, a night guard resembles a retainer-like plastic and covers all biting surfaces.
  2. They come in different variations of thickness so you can get a hard or soft night guard depending on personal preference. 
  3. Since every individual has a different set of teeth, this type of night guard is custom-made for a person’s unique set of teeth. 
  4. A mold is made of your teeth and then sent out to be custom-made, fitting your mouth perfectly. 

A night guard has multiple benefits, preventing teeth clenching being the primary one. In addition to preventing teeth clenching, a night guard is also great for preventing jaw pain and even headaches. Of course, a night guard prevents teeth clenching or grinding throughout the night by providing a cushioned surface for people who are in the habit of grinding their teeth in their sleep.

Why do night guards cause your front teeth to hurt? 

Typically, a night guard is custom made so it should fit your teeth without any problems. As stated above, a night guard made out of the mold of your teeth should not have any difficulties being fitted. Your sleep guard may be a poor fit if you feel like you need to force your night guard in your mouth.

You Shouldn’t Have to Force Your Night Guard On…

This usually happens when using over-the-counter night guards instead of custom-made ones. Night guards that are one size fits all can cause your teeth to shift which can cause you severe oral pain and discomfort.

A guard that is either a universal fit or semi-custom fit can cause pain when you wear it. This is typically the case when a night guard covers the front or back teeth, creating an uneven pressure in your mouth that causes shifting and pain.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do night guards hurt at first? 
  • When you first purchase a custom made night guard from ClearClub, it is completely normal to experience minor soreness the first few days or weeks. Of course if you are wearing an OTC or stock night guard and you experience soreness to the point of aching, this can be a sign that your night guard doesn’t fit properly.
How Do I Know If My Night Guard Fits Properly?  
  • There are various warning signs you can look out for when trying to determine whether or not your night guard fits properly. Your night guard should not be loose to the point where you need to press your tongue up against it to keep it in your mouth. Alternatively,  your night guard shouldn’t be too tight to the point of aching.
Can a night guard shift your front teeth? 
  • The custom night guards made by ClearClub are designed to prevent your teeth from shifting since they are custom made to fit your unique set of teeth. However, wearing a night guard that’s not custom fitted (i.e. OTC night guards, stock mouthguards, or boil-n-bite guards) can cause your front teeth to shift.

You should not continue the use of a night guard that is causing you long-term pain or hurting your front teeth. Continuing the use of a nighttime bite guard that doesn’t fit correctly can cause problems in your temporomandibular joint, which also causes jaw misalignment. 

ClearClub’s Custom Made Night Guards Come With A Guarantee!

ClearClub’s custom night guards come with a guarantee and are made of high quality materials that are designed to be comfortable and durable. If you are looking for a custom-made night guard that does not hurt your front teeth, ClearClub’s custom-fit night guards are your best option. The process is quick and effective! To shop ClearClub’s custom-made night guards simply click the button below.

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While an over-the-counter night guard may seem like a good option because of the cheaper price, it’s recommended that you invest in a custom-made guard to avoid long-term issues. After all, a night guard is supposed to take your pain away, not increase it!